Cortex Z Karpatskeho Dvora
Imported from Czech Republic
H/D 0/0 Elbow 0/0

Cortex stands at 66 cm is the forth generation of Asko Von Der Lutter a WUSV champion . It 's grand sire Lux V Hainpark which is one of the best son of Asko . It's sire is Panto Vom Hause Frommer a FCI and three times Italy Champion . His dam is Dolly Moravia Artex which is one of the most titled female in Czech Republic . Futher down are Imo Von Karthago and Xero Pohranicni Straze . Cortex inherited the good genetic make up of Asko and Panto , his intense drives will convince you Of it . He is not only a good performer but a strong civil dog as well when challenged . He passed on the genetic to it's off spring . We are satisfied of what he has produced for us .